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In the name of Allah (God) who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, I bear witness there is not God but Allah and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is His Messenger.


Allah (God) and His Messenger have been teaching the Black Man and woman of America about Islam since 1930. It is about high time for you and I to accept what they have taught as being the truth, since we know nothing else but the doctrine that the slave master teaches us and are not able to answer the many questions and problems that arise in our lives with the limited wisdom given to us by those who put us into the condition that each of us are in. Allah and His Messenger have given us a thorough knowledge of self and kind and a thorough knowledge of our true nature and religion.

One of the many things that we have not been taught by our former slave masters and their children is the proper understanding of Jesus. We have been made to be Christians; we have been converted to Christianity. We have been forced to be Christians at the butt of a gun, at the end of a whip, under the heel of a boot and now under the guise of the promise of nearness to our open enemy, all in the name of the Love of Jesus. We are being bombarded with 24 hour religious cable channels filling our heads with programming all to get us to accept the belief system that stood by and watched us be systematically raped, burned, lynched and abused for over 400 years. However; we have NEVER taken an academic or critical analysis of this word or man called Jesus. We have never stopped to consider what the real mission of Jesus was or what the real religion of Jesus was or really who or what Jesus was. All we have done is accept what our slave masters taught us about Jesus without question or without verification. This lack of questioning and critical analysis is a deep rooted lasting effect of the slave making experience during which fear of white people was placed in us.

I say to you from the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that for our over 400 years of slavery, of which over 300 was wicked, cruel, chattel slavery, that we have never been treated right by this people here in the wilderness of North America. If a man will not treat you right, how can you expect that he will teach you right? If a man will murder a pregnant woman, cut the unborn baby out of her belly in front of others and crush the life out of the baby to put fear in his slaves, what sane man would think that same individual, the slave master could then teach us about the love of Jesus and the true doctrine of Jesus and what the true religion of Jesus was? How much easier is it to lie than to murder, rape, lynch and burn?

You and I must come to the logical and intelligent conclusion that we were not taught correctly about Jesus. We should come to the logical conclusion that we were not taught correctly about Islam and we most certainly have not been taught right by our former slave master and his children and imps about Islam as taught by its last Messenger, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We have never been rightly guided by the slave master as to who the leader of the Nation of Islam is. We would like to correct that, to let you know that the leader of the Nation of Islam was, is and always will be the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who was raised by Almighty God Allah Himself.

We would like to share with you some of this wisdom that we have learned from Mr. Muhammad about this character Jesus. There was a Jesus who lived 2000 years ago who was born in Palestine, Asia Minor; but, there is also a Jesus who is prophesied to come at the end of the world or at the end of the rule of the wicked. We also learned from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that there was an in-animate object, a ship, a boat, a vessel, more precisely a slave ship that was named Jesus. This can be verified in the library of Congress. This ship was captained by a one Sir John Hawkins or Hopkins and this ship brought the first boatload of your and my ancestors in its bowels across a 9000 mile journey in the Atlantic ocean and brought us into a Life of slavery, suffering and death in 1555 and not 1619 as some of the scholars have taught us.

We were deceived into boarding this ship and the slave trader Sir John Hawkins tricked us by flying our Holy National, the Flag of Islam on his ship and telling us we would receive more gold for our labor in a new, mysterious country , then we were in our own; this Gold we still have not received. When our ancestors got half way across the ocean, the slave trader rolled down our natural Flag of Islam and he rolled up the skull and cross bones, which was the symbol of the slave trade of death and not the Yo, HO, HO of the Pirates of the Caribbean. When our ancestor saw that flag of death replacing our Holy and righteous Flag of life they knew that the would never see their native land and people again.

As that ship dropped the first load of us on the shores of this wilderness and departed for another cargo of human chattel to be this countries burden bearers, our ancestors who survived the first load moaned and wept, they lamented and began crying out the words to what has become an old Negro spiritual: "You can have this whole world, Just give me Jesus." They were not talking about the man who lived 2000 years ago, a great and a Holy Prophet of God; this first load of human cargo, the wise Tribe of Shabbazz knew that a dead prophet cannot hear our cries, they were calling for the ship called Jesus that could take them back 9000 miles to their native land, people, religion and way of life. Now over 400 years later the slave master and his children have taught us that they were calling on the Prophet that lived and died 2000 years ago. As Messenger Elijah Muhammad teaches us, little did they know that there was a God who heard the cries of the slave and it would be over 400 years later that the real ship Jesus, Almighty God Allah Himself, would come and deliver them as He has told his prophets over the Last 6000 years and has verified in person into the ears of His Messenger, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.


Kevin Ali

Temple #36 Charlotte NC

2400 Kendall Drive (doors open Sundays at 1:30pm)


Minister of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Messenger of Allah

Minister Kevin Ali