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As-Salaam-Alaikum. I am John Muhammad, one of the Ministers who came from that class held by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I was named by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I was taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and I was sent by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. My brothers and sisters, I am eternally grateful to Allah Who has blessed me once again to share with you some of the wisdom that I have learned from this great man of God, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us many things. he taught us about many signs that would come in the future. He taught us many things of the past and of the present. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us and showed us of things that would come in what we call modern Babylon. But the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that these things that we are about to tell you are the acts of God. It is not just one day; these things come in years. What we must understand is this; Jesus, two thousand years ago taught a man by the name of Nicodemus. He said to Nicodemus, "By no means can you see Heaven or the kingdom of God unless you be born again." They thought this meant going back into their mothers womb. Their mind was the mind of a child. Two thousand years ago their mind was the mind of a child in understanding the divine scriptures of the righteous prophets of Almighty God Allah. What we are to understand, in order for us to understand, with all the trouble in the world, is that you must go back and have hindsight of the history of years gone by.

In the Bible it tells us of the man of sin. It says the man of sin - referred to in the bible in second Thessalonians two and three - is now being fulfilled, It is now being revealed by the Almighty through His Messenger the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We didnt know any of this before the coming of Almighty God. He said to us that we must remember he is an enemy. The man of sin is an enemy, in person, who was made in sin. There wasnt any good in the essence of him since he was made in sin. So there was no good in him, only sin.

Why was he the man of sin? Why was he hidden from the eyes of the righteous? The answer is; how could the man of sin rule the righteous for the past six thousand years if he had not been veiled to prevent the discovery of his true self? According to Thessalonians 2 and 9, the man of sin had a work to do and God wouldnt interfere with this work until the time of the man of sin was truly up.

But let us see what has happened to us. We, the Blackman, have been over here for over four hundred years. the Bible tells us the god will send a man, raise up a man from among us, to teach us the wisdom and the knowledge of the man of sin. This man is 100% a sinner and wicked and has work to do. So God veiled him up so the people wouldnt recognize him. The Bible says this man had to do a work and is acting out the working of God. God allowed him to do his evil deeds as he was made to do. So what happened?

The honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that he went into what is now called

Africa and brought your and my mothers here to the shores of America. And he didnt have any qualms about it. He stole us, kidnapped us, brought us on a westward journey. We - our ancestors - were in the bottoms of ships stinking with vomit and feces lying all around. They brought us to the western shores. This man of sin had a job to do.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that god would not interfere with this man because God veiled him up to prevent anyone from discovering him. You could not discover this mans true self until the time. He was given a time to do what he is doing. Jesus said to Nicodemus, "Do all of your dirt in six days," - meaning six thousand years - "but on the seventh day God will come."

Why does God have to come? What would be Gods punishment to the people who have done this to the vessels of Almighty God Allah? These people have taken us from our homeland and not apologized at all for what they have done. They brought us to Jamestown, Virginia in a ship called Jesus. We landed there in Jamestown, Virginia, a strange land among a strange people. We were wearing names like Muhammad, like Shabazz and All and Hakim. Wearing good names of God.

But there on the shores they killed the old and the young. The act of God allowed this evil man, the man of sin, to advance to do his work in six thousand years - six days as they say in the church. On the seventh day - you thought that meant run to the church and fall on your knees and pray to God. No. That is a baby knowledge. In the knowledge of God, in the knowledge of the reality of God and the reality of the enemy of God, this means six thousand years he was to do his dirt. And he has went into Africa, he has went into Asia, he has went into Arabia and the Figi Islands, he has went all over the Earth doing his evil and sinfUl ways. he has brought all the people of Earth under his rule. He says, "If you dont submit to me, I will blow you of the map." God allowed this kind of mindset to be until time. So he was lord of the sky, master of the sea. he was the lord of the land, he mastered everything that crawled and crept on the land. He made the elephant stand on one leg. He made a dog run through fire. He made Negroes walk and scratch and laugh when it wasnt even fUnny. He called them by his name and he gave them his story. He gave them his religion and his God. That was to go on, the man of sin, until time.

The eight verse of second Thessalonians reads like this: And then shall that wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming. Which means that the truth of the man of sin is made clear by God so there can be no doubt about it. He is really the man of sin who has caused and is causing all the trouble among the righteous today. He is the man of sin and he is a great deceiver.

Why is he a great deceiver? he has deceived a whole nation of people. he has deceived the poor Blackman of America. Not only is he a deceiver, he is a liar and a murder by nature. Jesus said two thousand years before we were brought to America, "You are of your father the devil and the lust of your Father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and a liar and when he speaks of a lie he speaks of his own." We must remember God allowed all of these things to take place. Even Jesus saw it two thousand years ago. Go and read it in John.

You and I were brought to America and made a slave. We were made blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self - made in the image of a man. We were like walking

zombies. The classified us as three fifths of a human being. Almighty God Allah allowed this to take place. God allowed the man of sin to be evil by nature or to be righteous. He knew both ways. He knew the righteous way and he knew the evil way. But he took the evil way. He murdered us outright. He deceived us. Sir John Hawkins told us we would come to America and get more for our labor than we were getting in our own land. So we jumped on the ship called the good ship Jesus. The flag was flying, the sun and moon and stars. Six miles out he pulled the flag of the righteous down and sent up the flag with skulls and bones on it. Then our people knew on the ship that it would be four hundred years before they could return home. He deceived the people and put them on board. He lied to them.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that when he (Sir John Hawkins) went there, he said, "As-Salaam-Alaikum." He said, "I am your brother from the west and my people have never seen such character before." And they took him at his word. But the wise men of that day, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us, always warned the young of the prophesy that there would be some people taken to a far off land where they would be strangers. Where they would be murdered. Where their feet would be chopped off Their genitals would be cut off Their fingernails would be yanked out. Their eyes would be gouged out, their skin would be peeled from their bodies. They would be set on fire, roasted. They would be buried alive. So the old wise men told the young men, but the young men didnt believe until they got on board.

One hundred million men and women murdered from the continent of Africa to the shores of America. This is something no one wants to hear. Everyone is hollering and crying over six million Jews. The Blackman, over one hundred million, died from the shores of Africa to the shores of America.

What are we to learn. from this? The act of God allowed this to happen because He told the man of sin to do all of your evil, do your murder and your lying in six days, but on the seventh day that is the Lords day. That is the day the Lord Himself said He would come.

But now what do we see standing and staring up in our faces today? The rape and murder of our families, the burning of our homes and churches. We demanded equal rights, they turned a deaf ear. We demanded freedom, justice and equality and they looked at us and laughed. But what are we to learn from this? The man of sin must first do all his evil, do what is written of him that he would do. And who is the man if sin? I need not tell you who it was who has done what I have mentioned, to the Blackman. You know who has done this to the Blackman. In order to know what is happening right now you got to know what was and how this came about.

So Almighty God Allah allowed this to take place and caused this to take place. But this man of sin is a troublemaker. He has always been a trouble maker. He was a troublemaker from the beginning and abided not in the truth. He was a troublemaker against the righteous. This man of sin has been a liar and a murderer and is still a liar and murderer and still a great deceiver. Thessalonians saw him coming and saw an awftil thing coming to the man of sin. But the man of sin must be revealed before there can be a just judgment. There must be a just judgment and that just judgment cannot take place until the man of sin is revealed.

Almighty God Allah, Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to

Whom all praises are due forever, has revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the ultimate of truth. He has given him the ultimate of truth of the man of sin. Now God is pulling the cover off the man of sin. So when Jesus said to Nicodemus, you must be born again, Nicodemus said, "How can I, an old gray man, go back into my mothers womb?" Jesus saw him not as a scholar but as a baby in the knowledge of his day. So Jesus said you must be born again. You cannot attain the kingdom of heaven unless you be born again. Everybody is looking to go to heaven. Everybody wants to go to heaven. Heaven is a place where there is no trouble. Heaven is a place where there is no deceit. There is no murder, there are no liars. There is no robbery, there is no playing of loud music. There is no rocknroll, there is no rap. There every day is a righteous day. Every night is a righteous night. Every conversation is a righteous conversation. You will live a thousand years having the best of life and the best of wisdom and the best of giving new life in the world. Like Noah after the flood. He lived 95o years after the flood giving babies, having sons and daughters. Many of you right now cant have a child after thirty or thirty-five because you are all played out. You have been a stud for four hundred years. You have been what the master has used in order to build his plantation.

But let us understand the man of sin must be revealed before there can be a just judgment. The man of sin for the last six thousand years has ruled, has done a damnable thing. Nicodemus wanted to go to heaven, he said, "How can I attain it?" Jesus said you must be born again. You as a Blackman dont have to be born again. You were born in the nature of God, you were born in the nature of righteousness. But remember I know what you were taught. I know what you believe. I know the people who taught you how to think and believe. Remember this was to go on for six thousand years. Jesus saw him two thousand years ago and Jesus said to him then, you wrote it down in the Bible, he said of this person who was made in sin not any good was in the essence he was made from. Since he was made from sin, what good can one expect from him?

So therefore you see now why they don't love you. You see now why theyre so bent on murdering you everyday. You see now why they are after you by night and day and what they have done for the last four hundred years in America to the Blackman. Now the Blackman is in terrible shape. The Blackman is in a condition it will take Almighty God Allah and the Nation of Islam to straighten out. God said He will straighten it out and all we have to do now is look at America and look to the right man and see what Allah has done. Allah has gotten just a handful and put them. there in America. Allah said, "Now I am going to reveal the Man of Sin and the whole world will see the man of sin as he is." He is not something to look for in a grave but he is somebody to look for in this life in this world. He has raped Africa of her gold and silver and diamonds; he has raped the middle east of her oil; he have raped the islands of all of the rich substance there; they have raped the land of every resource it has to offer; he has destroyed the people. He has made them bow to their religion; he has made them bow to their God because he is the Man of Sin and God said, "Im going to allow you to do all your work. I am going to allow you to do all your work until the end of your time."

Minister John muhammad